Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Missions in Kenya

This summer I have once again ventured out into the world for international missions. I am now in Kijabe, Kenya. I will be in this beautiful land until August 4th  serving the people as a member of the Love Africa Mission summer leadership team. The name of my team is core team and we are responsible for all the Kenya mission trips. We plan the meals, handle the money, and arrange for where the mission teams will serve. Right now the struggle with jet-lag is very real. 
Today we made our first week plan for the first team of the summer arriving tomorrow. Will Caswell, a member of last year’s core team is here training us. Making the schedule took all afternoon even with his patient help. But now we have a system down and each week it will only be easier! I am personally responsible for making sure we have food for the teams and managing the supplies they bring for the people. Please pray for us as we prepare for our first team that the Lord would give us strength, and wisdom, and help. We are taking on a big task and a lot of responsibility but I know the with the Lord we will overcome! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Saturday a mission team member named Mark and I had a great conversation with a woman. We had been going down the street doing door to door evangelism with little to no luck of talking to people. Mark spotted a pink house with the door open so we walked over to it and I rang the doorbell. A short woman came to the door and when she asked what we wanted, I replied that I was in Costa Rica studying Spanish and would like to practice. She immediately grinned and ushered us into her home and began to talk. She had apparently been studying English and wanted some gringos to practice on.  I honestly did not plan to say anything about being a student or making small talk. I think it was the Holy Spirit guiding my words so that I could speak with this woman. We talked about learning another language for about ten minutes then I asked her about the Costa Rican culture. She told me several things that Ticos really care about then she said that God was really important to them.

I saw my chance and asked if I could practice my vocabulary concerning religion. I then asked her what she thought she had to do to gain salvation. She replied that she had to believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Mary. So I asked her if she was catholic and she said she was a different catholic. She explained that she did not believe in the Pope and the saints because she studied the Bible and found no mention of praying to them. At that point we came clean and said we were Christian and did believe in Mary. I asked her where she found in the Bible that Mary was the mother of God and she had no answer. Then we asked her if she believed Mary was perfect and she did. So I showed her Luke 1:47 where Mary says that God is her savior. The woman replied that it was a controversy and refused to yield on Mary. However she has agreed to have a bible study in her house now! We will continue to minister to her and pray that her eyes be opened that her salvation can only come from Jesus.

Computer Class

This past semester at NGU I took a computer class that I did not like. It wasn't that the class was difficult, it was just that it had a lot of busy work for a class I felt I did not need or would ever use. However because of the class I have been able to help both Jacob and Courtenay. Jacob has been wanting to create a chart on different scenarios that we come across when witnessing to people. Now we have made the chart of the most common scenarios with corresponding verses. Courtenay wanted a template for a week by week class schedule that she can reuse each week, hers was harder to make but now she has a pretty purple schedule that should last her a long time. It's funny how something I never liked has become useful. God can use anything.


The coffee here is amazing! Since day one I have had at least one cup a day, If not more. The Folks have a traditional coffee maker here and along with the Costa Rican coffee I believe it is better than Starbucks. I have already picked up some coffee to bring back to my parents here is a picture of their coffee maker
Here is the coffee I purchased for mis padres. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zip line

Yesterday morning after the volcano and just before lunch two team members and I went zip lining. This was something I was unable to do when we lived in Costa Rica before as I had torn the cartilage in my knee. The sensation was amazing, I felt like I was flying. The very first line was 450 feet off the ground. Where we started from there was a lot a fog so we couldn't see but maybe 30 feet of the line, which we knew was about the length of a football field and a half. I went down and in a matter of seconds I was suddenly out of the fog and soaring above a river lined with rocks. I was holding on with my hands to the single strap that was keeping my from falling to my death. I thought to myself, "I really need to think more before I make a decision." It was so much fun. Words cannot describe the thrill. The team members took pictures so once I get ahold of them they will be uploaded.

Top of Irazu

Yesterday morning Courtenay drove most of the mission team and I to the top of the Volcano so we could see into the crater. The drive took a lot longer than I thought it would. Once we got to the top the view was amazing, we were looking down on countless clouds and beautiful countryside. The crater was kind of like how I expected, a conical pit. It was about three hundred feet deep, and a thousand yards wide. Here are a few pictures!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Yesterday Courtenay and I took the mission team to a market in San Jose to get souvenirs. We had a good time and I got various items for my family, items that will remain a secret until my return to the states. After we were done with the market Courtenay took us by my old house in Costa Rica! She had me get out and take a picture. 
The family that lives there are friends of Courtenay and they actually invited us in! I shocked by their hospitality. The woman invited the entire mission team in as well. Then she took Courtenay and I on a tour of the entire house. I was surprised by how little the house had changed. Much of the furniture was the same. After we left the house Coutenay took us by the language school and by her old house. I was amazing to see the parks where we used to play and the school where I first leaned Spanish. Right now Jacob and Courtenay went to go pick up the new mission team. This one is so large they had to take two cars so right now I am babysitting their kids. After I am done with this blog it is hide n seek time!