Saturday, May 16, 2015

Summer Missions in Kenya

This summer I have once again ventured out into the world for international missions. I am now in Kijabe, Kenya. I will be in this beautiful land until August 4th  serving the people as a member of the Love Africa Mission summer leadership team. The name of my team is core team and we are responsible for all the Kenya mission trips. We plan the meals, handle the money, and arrange for where the mission teams will serve. Right now the struggle with jet-lag is very real. 
Today we made our first week plan for the first team of the summer arriving tomorrow. Will Caswell, a member of last year’s core team is here training us. Making the schedule took all afternoon even with his patient help. But now we have a system down and each week it will only be easier! I am personally responsible for making sure we have food for the teams and managing the supplies they bring for the people. Please pray for us as we prepare for our first team that the Lord would give us strength, and wisdom, and help. We are taking on a big task and a lot of responsibility but I know the with the Lord we will overcome! 

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